Our Impact

We aim to raise enough funds to purchase sites and put up buildings. The use of these buildings will be to house people who are temporarily displaced and need a place to stay.

Somebody’s Child will ensure that the building satisfies all requirements and will use specialist skills of other charities to deliver their promise under a memorandum of understanding.

We strongly believe that the correct intervention within the first three days of leaving your home is critical in whether you survive or not. Having a safe place to sleep with helpful interaction will develop pathways out of homelessness.

Australia is a blessed country and no one should be homeless.



Somebody’s Child aims to raise awareness for those who find themselves scared and vulnerable in difficult situations at home. Let’s create a better understanding behind why people become homeless and let’s give them hope.



Through donations, sponsorship and community events we will raise funds to make a difference and change the outcome for those living on the streets in moments of uncertainty.



We will come together as a community to build emergency housing for those who find themselves caught up in domestic violence or a moment of anger at home.
Let’s create a safe place.